Ocean Grill Restaurant

One of my friends picked Ocean Grill Restaurant as a good place to have a few drinks and a bite to eat. It was an excellent choice and we had a great time, as did the many tourist from the cruise ships who were popping in and out of the restaurant.

Excellent View and Atmosphere

One of the things Ocean Grill Restaurant has going for it that you will like is the view. I always thought Nutmeg Restaurant had the best view, but Ocean Grill’s view is 10 times better, and more accessible.

Both restaurants are located on the Carenage, but in addition to the scenery of the Carenage, at Ocean Grill you will also enjoy the view of the up and coming Port Louis Marina (Lagoon Road), and you can also see all the way down to Grand Anse Beach.

Here are some pictures of the view:

Food and Service… Two Thumbs Up!!!

The food was good. They did not over cook my fish.. thank goodness. Yes, that’s my litmus test these days. Far too many Grenadian cooks seem bent on cooking the hell out of a piece of fish. Like the dreadfully tasting thing, masquerading as a Grilled Sword Fish Steak on my plate at Nutmeg Restaurant.

I’m happy that Ocean Grill got it right… let’s hope they are consistent.

I had a fish sandwich with fries. The lettuce, tomato, and cucumber were all fresh, the fish was well seasoned and succulent, and the bread tasted like it just popped out the oven.

My buddy had stewed fish with sauteed potatoes and steamed vegetables. He loved it.

Our waitress got an A+.

  • She was friendly
  • She checked in on us sufficiently
  • She got your orders correct
  • And most importantly, she kept the Carib Beers flowing.

What more can you ask of a waitress?

Now go check them out

I don’t know what the mood is like for dinner, but from what I saw during the day, this is a good causal hangout to get some drinks, a bite to eat and catch up with friends. Great for lunch, or for when you need a break while on tour of St. George’s.

Give Ocean Grill Restaurant a try next time you are in St. George’s, and do let us know how you liked it. If you have been to Ocean Grill before leave us a comment below to tell us how you liked it.


  1. I would like to thanks the employees of Ocean Grill for EXCELLENT service, because of their great service and friendly waitresses, I kept visiting the restaurant on many night for dinner or just for a cold beer’ the split pea soup was delicious, the fish & chips was tasty and to my surprise a wonderful golden apple juice, am looking forward to drinking on my return visit to Grenada.

    Thank you very much Ocean Grill.

  2. I would like to congrats Ocean on their excellent service on my holiday vacation from Canada.The food was great, the staff was wonderful and the atmosphere was great. I would like to say special thanks to Pamala Mouraia ( i think her name is) her service was EXCELLENT, she sure knows how to treat a guest and also she knows her job. ”THERE YOU GO PAMALA ”

    Thanks again Ocean.”SEE YOU NEXT YEAR”

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