Patrick’s Homestyle Restaurant… 20 Grenadian Dishes One Price One Place

Here’s what one reader from Germany had to say about Patrick’s Homestyle Restaurant:

A small pink and violet house at Lagoon Road, just opposite the entrance to Port Louis. There isn’t any menu, they will serve you with a lot of small plates with different local food like Fishcake, Breadfruit Salad, Pork in Ginger, Crab Salad etc.. And Patrick is a very charming, fun and special person!

I’ve never been to Patrick’s but that review is typical of what I’ve heard about The Place and The Man. The man is Patrick Levine, and from all reports he is an awesome chef, and very gracious host. I’ve heard him called eccentric, charming, colorful, personable, and flamboyant to name a few. Sure sounds like he is as interesting as the food he serves.

What really distinguishes Patrick’s from other Grenada Restaurants is variety. For about US$23 you get to taste 20 different Grenadian dishes. You probably won’t find that anywhere else on the island.

Patrick’s Restaurant is located in the Lagoon Road. If you are coming from Grand Anse as you go pass the entrance to Port Louis Marina look for Patrick’s on your right.

Best to just call and get specific directions and also to let them know how may will be in your party. Here’s the number: 473-440-0364

Have you sampled Patrick’s delightful treats? What did you like (not like)? Leave us a comment below.


  1. Patrick’s was disappointing. He is NOT gracious, he did NOT greet us. He was on the phone the whole time we were there and he was talking extremely loudly. The food was NOT that great either. I felt as though I went to my grandmother’s house and she put me to sit and the small kids’ table. People from outside the Caribbean might enjoy it, but I’m from Barbados and it sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would NOT recommend Patrick’s to anyone or anything.

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