Sur La Mer Restaurant

by Lakisha

Ah ha. If you are looking to find a snack while partying at the nearby Fantasia Night Club, or just looking to find a midday or evening meal, Sur La Mer Restaurant is there to meet your needs.

Conveniently located adjoining the Fantasia Nightclub, Sur La Med Restaurant is lovely and affordable (although a bit pricier than some of the other local hot spots).

With a menu as diverse as the resources of Grenada, this classy, beachfront, restaurant offers a significant blend of exotic, and local meals that will satisfy any palate.

Indeed, the price matches the efficiency of the staff and the tastiness of the dishes.
One can find the everyday “chicken snack” or Roti, as well as Lambie (conch) and other seafood dishes that are the quintessential Grenadian culinary experiences.

If you are partying at Fantasia and just need to soothe that hunger, or if you are just trying to find a nice, quiet Grenadian restaurant, with a beachfront view, tasty dishes and a complementary bar, drop by Sur La Mer Restaurant.

It is , as the name suggests, a local, but very chic venue, to meet your palatable needs.


  1. Hi Lakisha,
    Ahhh Fantasia, brings back great memories, especially for “Back in Times” on a Wednesday night… it’s always a good session. And a restaurant like Sur La Mer can only complement everything else.

    Speaking of everything else, the adjacent Beach (Morne Rouge Beach a.k.a BBC Beach) is one of Grenada’s finest. It’s good to finally see some more quality cuisine right on the beach.

    Thanks for the great review, sounds like you had a great time.

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