Tropicana Restaurant

by Randy

Tropicana restaurant is located in the Lagoon Road area south of St. George’s and just north of the tourist belt area in Grenada. It is an in town restaurant that caters to both locals and tourists.

In fact, as a complement to a low-priced motel and an outdoor bar, Tropicana Restaurant gives the choice of outdoor dining with the elements of nature or indoor dining in air conditioned comfort. Outdoor was the choice of all the patrons who were there as I entered for lunch with a delectable dish of my own.

The food choices on the menu were as varied as I have ever seen at any restaurant. But be careful! Local restaurants are frequently out of items that are listed on the menu, as was the case with my first choice appetizer, Crab-back! Nonetheless, we were able to partake of some local cuisine that was tasty and well worth the over 25 minute wait. Moreover, our pre-lunch cocktails were more than delicious. I had a house special D-moss, a milky shake made from a local vegetable; and my companion had the fruit punch, a delightful blend of fresh tropical fruits.

I had the fish special while my companion chose the stewed pork special. The fish of the day was king fish which was steamed in butter and onions and served with rice and peas and ground provisions. The pork, served with the same sides, was stewed in a blackened slightly sweet sauce and is a local favorite.The ground provisions consisted of fried plantains (a large sweet banana type vegetable), dasheen, and yam (the starchy, not sweet variety)!

Taste and quantity were both winners! Price was reasonable. With cocktails and gratuity we walked away for about $30 US. While that was an extravagant lunch by local standards, when considering the inclusion of a pricey cocktail, it was more than a treat for the price. In fact, it was ample enough to make dinner optional and facilitate a lethargic evening on one of the Grenada’s south side beaches!

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