True Blue Restaurant

True Blue Restaurant is located at the True Blue bay resort in True Blue. That’s a whole lot of True Blues and one of the best of all Grenada Restaurants.

true blue dodgy dock restaurant grenada restaurants

I had heard a lot about True Blue Restaurant, but never got the opportunity to eat there until I visited some Grenada Sailing enthusiasts that operate out of True Blue Bay resort.

True Blue Restaurant is built on the lovely True Blue Bay (obviously). The bay is gorgeous; it’s decorated with pretty yachts and the St. Georges University sits on the hill across from the Marina.

Dodgy Dock Restaurant and Lounge Bar

At True Blue Bay Resort a new addition is the Dodgy Dock Restaurant and Lounge Bar. That’s where I had lunch.

true blue dodgy dock restaurant grenada restaurants

The Dodgy Dock Restaurant is famous for lunch; awesome cocktails; happy hour; and it’s frequented by guests, sailors, and locals… a nice mix.

The True Blue Restaurant itself was still closed when I got there, and I think it might only open for dinner. Same great food like Dodgy Dock restaurant but a little ‘finer’ dining. Dodgy Dock Restaurant is more relaxed, causal, open, and to me looks like more fun.

Which one you choose, I guess it depends on the mood you are in, who you are with, and what time of day. Give them a call to see what’s open and what’s serving.

What’s Cooking?

Speaking of “what’s serving?”, the menu and activities at True Blue and Dodgy Dock restaurants is dynamic. Every night is different, whether it’s Grenadian night, Curry night, Mexican night or some other night you’re bound to find one to fit your fancy.

My meal was tasty, and the rum punch awesome. But most of all I just enjoyed the atmosphere chilling out at Dodgy Dock. I definitely recommend you give True Blue Restaurant (and Dodgy Dock Restaurant) a visit, its one of the loveliest of all Grenada relax and enjoy a good meal.

What’s Nearby?

true blue bay horizon yacht charters grenada sailing dodgy dock restaurant

If you are at True Blue Restaurant during the day and you have an interest in sailing Grenada, why not pop in to see Jacqui at Horizon Yacht Charters.

Here is a picture from Dodgy Dock Restaurant looking out into the marina.

The True Blue Neighborhood especially beyond the resort is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Grenada (say expensive).

If you are ever thinking of owning a piece of Grenada Real Estate take a drive around True Blue and see how many expats, and well to do Grenadians live. You cant get loss one road in one road out.

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  1. first off, I love your site! my boyfriend is currently a med-student at SGU, and I went with him for his first week of his term 3….and i found your site and it helped find out where to go and what to eat! We tried the Dodgy Dock and their food was so good; their fajitas are very filling, their drinks are on-point, and the atmosphere is nice and relaxed. We liked it so much, that the second time i visited, we went there with friends, and then we recommended it to a friend’s parents that were visiting that week and their response of how the night went: “it was our best meal in Grenada” Hopefully next time i visit, i can check out Aquarium (it was closed for renovations!) Thanks for your wonderful and informative site!!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      I’m thrilled that you found the Grenada-Beaches site helpful. And I also share your sentiments about Dodgy Dock.. its one of my favorite places for drinks and a good bite to eat.

      Hope you get to visit soon again.

      Kindest Regards

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