Jumping Off Annadale Waterfalls Grenada – Video

One of the things I enjoy at Annandale Waterfalls is the jumpers. Here are some pictures and a video of an Annandale Jumper doing his thing. This is risky business… it rained quite heavily that day. And as if the rain, and slippery stones weren’t enough, it was clear to us that this guy already… Continue reading Jumping Off Annadale Waterfalls Grenada – Video

Annandale Waterfalls Pictures

I almost always stop at Annandale Waterfalls whenever I’m in Grenada. Located in the very green villages of Willis/New Hampshire in St George’s, it’s one of the most accessible, and frequently visited of all Grenada’s Waterfalls. Click here to find out the most entertaining time to visit Annandale waterfalls. Here are a couple pictures to… Continue reading Annandale Waterfalls Pictures

Grenada National Parks

Grenada National Parks…Hike Ho! Hike Ho! Off To Hike We Go… If you are planning to get a little mud on you boots while in Grenada then the Grenada Nationa Parks is the place to do it. Photography: Muddy Shoes by rightee. Granda Etang National Park & Forest Reserve My fascination with Grand Etang started… Continue reading Grenada National Parks