Unwind Bar @ BBC Beach, the Secret is Out.

I knew I struck gold when I discovered Unwind Bar at BBC Beach. It was sheer coincidence that I happen to be at the right place at the right time. But that’s another story. My guess is that you have never heard about Unwind Bar. Even my friend, a frequent Grenada visitor whose favorite beach… Continue reading Unwind Bar @ BBC Beach, the Secret is Out.


Submitted by Pat (Location Unknown) (What a view! The old Leper colony with Grand Anse in the background 1986) Yes, I remember the Sandblast, and Grand Anse Beach, but my favorite beach was the BBC, as it was where we lived the building of the Airport. I have many happy memories of the island. I… Continue reading BBC Bay

Morne Rouge Beach, The Best Grenada Beach?

Is Morne Rouge Beach the Best Grenada Beach? I certainly don’t think so. My favorite is Grand Anse Beach. But Many visitors prefer the tranquil turquoise waters, white sand, and natural setting that defines Morne Rouge Beach over all other Grenada Beaches. Morne Rouge Beach, also know as BBC Beach used to be one of… Continue reading Morne Rouge Beach, The Best Grenada Beach?

My Favorite Grenada Beaches

There are about 45 Grenada Beaches to choose from. Yes, you heard me right: 45 Grenada Beaches. Well … that sounds great, but to be honest it’s more beach than you, and I have the time, or energy to handle. So how about a more manageable list? How about a Top Grenada Beaches list, so… Continue reading My Favorite Grenada Beaches