Carry on Carriacou

Here is a short Carriacou Review by Oliver Gray from Winchester, UK. We visited Carriacou seven years ago and dreamed of going back but never thought we’d have the chance. Here is the original article written back then. Anyway, last week, we got the chance to revisit. We took the Osprey on a glorious day… Continue reading Carry on Carriacou

Callaloo Restaurant’s Heavenly Soup

by Mark Strayhorn (Winnetka, California, USA) Callaloo Restaurant’s Beach Side Leasure How nice to happen upon this website…. I have to tell you I always like to see how well a cafe or stand does with their Roti’s and some make Callaloo or Pepperpot Soup….. Oh….My….Goodness! This place can’t get a review on anything but… Continue reading Callaloo Restaurant’s Heavenly Soup