Grooms Beach Villa and Resort Grenada

Grooms Beach Villas and Resort proves that you don’t need to blow big bucks to enjoy a true-blue Caribbean vacation. Conveniently located just a 15-minute walk from Point Salines International Airport, you can run straight down to the golden sands and turquoise waters of Dr. Grooms beach. Lounge in seclusion in two beaches very near… Continue reading Grooms Beach Villa and Resort Grenada

Laluna Beach Resort Grenada

It’s not a true getaway when there are big crowds around, don’t you agree? This is the philosophy that LaLuna upholds, which is why it offers its abode to only a low number of guests. This is not to say that the hotel is snobby, far from it. Rest assured that each guest is treated… Continue reading Laluna Beach Resort Grenada

Dr Grooms Beach

by Lakisha(Tennessee, USA) One of the best beaches in Grenada. Located in the Point Salines area, close to the International Airport. It is ideal for a midday dip or a midnight stroll. With a restaurant and bar area, Dr. Groom’s beach meets the everyday needs of the vacation enthusiast: food, relaxation, sunshine, clear blue waters… Continue reading Dr Grooms Beach