Carry on Carriacou

Here is a short Carriacou Review by Oliver Gray from Winchester, UK. We visited Carriacou seven years ago and dreamed of going back but never thought we’d have the chance. Here is the original article written back then. Anyway, last week, we got the chance to revisit. We took the Osprey on a glorious day… Continue reading Carry on Carriacou

Carriacou Pictures

Take a short ferry ride north towards the Grenadines, and you will find Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Grenada’s sister islands. It’s a fun day trip that you should consider taking. First, you will enjoy Grenada’s scenic western coast, and then you get to relax one of Carriacou’s fantastic beaches. Paradise Beach is a favorite. Also I… Continue reading Carriacou Pictures

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach… Is it Worth Missing The Ferry? We heard so many good things about Paradise Beach that we were willing to risk missing our Ferry just to spend a few minutes on this Carriacou Beach. Our only regret while visiting Carriacou was not having more time to spend on Paradise Beach. After an exciting… Continue reading Paradise Beach