Prickly Bay Marina Pizzeria

Here is a guest post reviewing the Pizzeria at Prickly Bay Marina in L’Anse aux Epines. It’s submitted by Ryian from Washington DC. Thanks Ryian. Considering the fact that by the time we all got there we were all starving, I would say that overall the pizza was pretty good. The service was very slow,… Continue reading Prickly Bay Marina Pizzeria

Ricks Cafe Grenada

Rick’s Cafe Grenada,We all Scream for Ice Cream Rick’s Cafe Grenada, the home of Sugar and Spice ice cream, not only carries the best ice cream in all Grenada Restaurants, but the best ice cream period. Well that’s at least if you love tropical flavored Ice Cream. I know you’re thinking … I’m not leaving… Continue reading Ricks Cafe Grenada