The Grenadian by Rex Resorts

The Grenadian understands that vacationers appreciate being given choices, which is why the resort offers options for relaxation and for exciting activities. Located in St. George’s, it features two white sand beaches; one for sun-worshippers who wish to laze around while working on their tan and another for water sports enthusiasts with activities such as… Continue reading The Grenadian by Rex Resorts

Magazine Beach Pictures

If these Magazine Beach Pictures don’t make you want to head to the beach then nothing will. Magazine Beach is another one of Grenada’s Beast Beaches, and it’s number 3 on my list of Favorite Grenada Beaches. These photos were taken from the water looking inland, and moving from north to south. Click on the… Continue reading Magazine Beach Pictures

Aquarium Restaurant

On special occasions Aquarium Restaurant shines. My Mom and I both have the same birthday. On her 66th birthday (don’t tell her I told you), we had dinner at Aquarium Restaurant to celebrate that spacial occasion. It’s interesting how I settled on Aquarium Restaurant.  Restaurants are a funny business, very trendy; consistency is hard to maintain;… Continue reading Aquarium Restaurant