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Guided Carriacou Tour… The Fun Way to See Carriacou

A Carriacou tour with a good Carriacou guide is the fun and quick way to explore this lovely island. With only four hours to spare on the island I knew a do it yourself tour was a time waster. On the other hand a guided Carriacou tour can take us through the villages and key sites; and still give us the option for lunch, and a quick dip on a Carriacou beach. So that’s exactly what we did.

When we stepped off the Osprey Ferry we walked right into the Tourist Information Center. It’s a direct walk from the Jetty to the doors of the Tourist Information Center-you can’t miss it.

carriacou tour guide jetty osprey

Our Ferry about to dock at Jetty at Hillsborough Carriacou

All the Carriacou information you want you can get from this office. We gathered some maps, and a few brochures, and asked the officials for any extra tips that would make the day a winner. They endorsed our idea of an island tour, but suggested that a half island tour would be better.

This would put us back in Hillsborough in time for lunch at a Carriacou restaurant , and maybe even a swain on paradise beach, before our Ferry departed. They also told us that we can expect the tour to cost about EC$90 (about US$33) and last about two hours.

carriacou tour guide norbert

No sooner we stepped out of the Tourist Information center, we were approached in a very professional, and polite manner by Norbert (pictured left).

He asked us what we wanted to do and offered to give us a guided tour of the northern part of Carriacou.

We decided immediately that he was the one to guide our Carriacou tour.

Here are a few pictures of the places we visited on our half day Carriacou tour with Norbert.


On any Carriacou tour one of the key stops is Belair. If you have seen any pictures of Carriacou you have probably seen it from this vantage point. Belair is the sight of the Carriacou hospital, and it overlooks the town of Hillsborough.

carriacou tour hillsborough

The view of Hillsborough the capital of Carriacou, from Belair

belair carriacou tour grenada grenadines

The Cannons at Belair

carriacou tour grenada grenadines

The donation box. Norbet said the funds are used to help out the local hospital.

carriacou tour grenada grenadines

Mia and Ryian pose with the Big Gun

carriacou tour grenada grenadines

What is he doing to that Cannon?…

carriacou tour grenada grenadines

Windmill Runs. A protected site, a relic from Carriacou’s past. We came across this one when we left Belair through a back road.

Petit Martinique

Petit Martinique is the other major island that belongs to Grenada. It sits off to the north east of Carriacou. Norbert pulled up in this great spot so we can take pictures of the island. Maybe next time we will take the ferry to Petit Martinique.

carriacou tour grenada grenadines

Petit Martinique in the distance

petit martinique carriacou tour grenada grenadines

Ryian and Petit Martinique

petit martinique carriacou tour grenada grenadines

Nearby Carriacou village & more of the Grenadines

carriacou tour grenada grenadines

Right across from where we were standing, there were what looked like Aloe plants to Ryian. And she insisted that she just had to leave there with a sample. It was a struggle that lasted several minutes.

carriacou tour grenada grenadines

Victory Finally!!. Thanks to the kindness of Norbert, and his knife

petit martinique carriacou tour grenada grenadines

Mia enjoying the view of Petit Martinique & The Grenadines

Onward to Windward …

Windward is a village rich in the history of Carriacou boat building. Norbert explained that many of the villagers in windward actually have Scottish roots.

windward carriacou tour grenada grenadines

Made in Carriacou boats

windward carriacou tour grenada grenadines

More homemade Carriacou boats

windward carriacou tour grenada grenadines

Lots of Cows, Goats, Sheep and green pastures

windward carriacou tour grenada grenadines

The site of a tragedy. This is a memorial for those who died when a mine drifted ashore, and exploded.

windward carriacou tour grenada grenadines

Windward Fishermen

windward carriacou tour grenada union island st. vincent grenadines

View of Union Island another member of the Grenadines. This one belo
ngs to St. Vincent.

Norbert … Our Only Carriacou Tour Guide

Our Carriacou tour was delightful; we learned so much about Carriacou and its people; and totally fell in love with the spectacular scenery. Most of all we felt absolutely safe with Norbert.

A typical half day Carriacou tour would normally last about one and a half hours, but ours lasted well over two hours. And it would have gone on longer if we did not ask Norbert to hurry back, so we can have lunch at Callaloo Restaurant, and visit Paradise Beach.

Norbet did not even charge us for all the extras he threw in, like bringing us to a shop where we got great deals on liquor (try the black wine). He more than earned very penny of that great tip we left him.

Norbet's Gemini our Carriacou tour guide bus

So when you come to Carriacou if you need someone to take you around just look for The Gemini Bus (that’s his birth sign … and mines too), or ask anyone for Norbert-he’ll take good care of you.

Now It’s Your Turn

Did you have an amazing Carriacou tour also? Was it a Guided Carriacou Tour or did you just backpack Carriacou? Well you can tell us all the interesting details about your time on Carriacou right here.

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