Cabier Ocean Lodge Grenada

Cabier Ocean Lodge is wonderfully embraced by the Caribbean Sea, where it can be viewed in three spectacular angles. Imagine a picture-perfect view of palm trees swaying gracefully to the rhythm of the breeze, a gorgeous backdrop to the clear turquoise waters where guests love to take a dip. Then from another angle are the… Continue reading Cabier Ocean Lodge Grenada

Casa Bella Bed Breakfast Grenada

Vacationers sometimes face the anxiety of being away from home, its warmth, comforts, and conveniences, especially during long days of travel. Casa Bella Bed & Breakfast eases travelers’ worries by embracing them in luxurious comfort. The bed and breakfast is run and owned by a couple, Odessa and Ray, who personally overseeing all the details… Continue reading Casa Bella Bed Breakfast Grenada

Mango Bay Cottages Grenada

What inspired Mango Bay Cottages’ name is the abundance of mango trees in the area; that sweet, juicy and fleshy tropical fruit. But it’s not all mango trees; there are banana trees and exotic flower-bearing plants scattered all over the property. Mango Bay Cottages offers its guests escape in its truest sense. There are no… Continue reading Mango Bay Cottages Grenada

South Winds Apartments Grenada

When you think of the Caribbean, you think of clear turquoise seas, the most exquisite beaches, rich tropical forests, and a dynamic cuisine. Only the most beautiful things come up to mind when the Caribbean is mentioned. However, all these beautiful things can be intimidating when most travelers think how expensive it would be to… Continue reading South Winds Apartments Grenada

Allamanda Beach Resort Grenada

A vacation that makes you break a bank doesn’t feel much like a vacation, does it? At Allamanda Beach Resort, you don’t have to blow big bucks for a memorable Caribbean getaway. With a strategic location right on the renowned Grand Anse Beach, clean and comfortable rooms, plenty of choices for fun-filled adventures, you can… Continue reading Allamanda Beach Resort Grenada

Kalinago Beach Resort Grenada

Kalinago Beach Resort pays homage to the natives of the Caribbean, the Kalinago, not only in its name, but also by offering local and foreign guests its tradition of hospitality. Kalinago blood flows in the veins of the family who owns and operates the resort. The resort aims to bring guests in harmony with nature,… Continue reading Kalinago Beach Resort Grenada

Gem Holiday Beach Resort Grenada

Gem Holiday Beach Resort sure picked the right name for their Caribbean sanctuary. Visiting guests describe the resort as a true gem to be discovered. What you will notice when you get to the resort is the diversity of its guests, ranging from little kids frolicking on the beach to honeymooning couples to individuals on… Continue reading Gem Holiday Beach Resort Grenada

Almost Paradise Grenada Cottages

There is no doubt that tourists are spoiled when it comes to accommodation choices in Grenada. But here’s a thought, wouldn’t you want to stay in a lodging that is different from what you would find in other parts of the globe? Say, wooden Creole cottages painted with bright colors, with wrought iron finishes that… Continue reading Almost Paradise Grenada Cottages

Twelve Degrees North Hotel Grenada

There may possibly be no guests in Grenada who are more spoiled than the guests at Twelve Degrees North. Imagine having your own personal housekeeper/cook who arrives at your specified time, prepares you a West Indian breakfast, or whatever you may prefer, and serves it on your balcony so you can fill your tummy as… Continue reading Twelve Degrees North Hotel Grenada