Almost Paradise Grenada Cottages

There is no doubt that tourists are spoiled when it comes to accommodation choices in Grenada. But here’s a thought, wouldn’t you want to stay in a lodging that is different from what you would find in other parts of the globe? Say, wooden Creole cottages painted with bright colors, with wrought iron finishes that… Continue reading Almost Paradise Grenada Cottages

Belmont Estate Grenada

Belmont Estate is a 300 year old working Cocoa Plantation in Grenada offering: Tours A Creole Restaurant Local Crafts and Produce Cultural Entertainment Animals Gardens Organic Chocolate And many other activities. I’ve known about Belmont Estate for long time and it’s on my list of Must Visit Places. I know this Grenada Attraction is becoming… Continue reading Belmont Estate Grenada

A Secret Beach River Sallee, St Patrick’s Grenada

Here is another Grenada Beach that very few know about. This is the first time this beach has ever been featured on Grenada Beaches website and we have Louise Francois from London to thank for that. Thanks Louise. Secret Sea Front You are at River Salle, St. Patrick’s going to Bathway Beach. From River Salle… Continue reading A Secret Beach River Sallee, St Patrick’s Grenada