River Antoine Rivers Rum

River Antoine Estate … The home of Rivers Rum

Rivers Rum is arguably the strongest and finest white rum you will find anywhere in the Caribbean. I cannot say it definitely is, because it depends on which Grenadian you ask.

They all will agree that Grenada produces the strongest white rum. But the debate rages on over whether Rivers Rum in the north, is superior to Clarkes Court Rum in the south. And that can make for a healthy rum shop argument.

On One of my island tour I decided to drop by to see the good folks at River Antoine Estate the makers Rivers Rum. For a few bucks we got a guided tour of the entire rum making operation.

The key thing that distinguishes Rivers Rum from the rest is that the rum is still made almost the same way the original owners made it over 200 years ago.

Central to that process is the Water Wheel. Water from River Antoine is channeled, and used to turn the wheel, which generates the power to press the juice out of the sugar cane, and kick off the rum making. river antoine home of rivers rum

Here is Ryian, with the water wheel pictured in the background.
The entire process from the raw sugar cane to the final bottled product is quite fasinating. And I can guarantee that you won’t look at your Rum Punch, or Rum and Coke the same way after taking the tour.

Did you know? Or even consider …
rivers rum at river antoine estate

How do you go from this ugly stuff?…
rivers rum at river antoine estate

To this .

That one always impresses the heck out of me. And I’m so grateful … I mean can you imagine what life in the rum shop would be like, if we had to drink that brown stuff?

Well the good folks at River Antoine Estate have been turning the nasty looking brown stuff, into crystal clear perfection for over 200 years.

And on the tour to see just how it’s done. This is my second visit to River Antoine Estate. On each visit we got guides that were very knowledgeable about the Rivers Rum making process (no surprise here). On this our last visit, our guide was Patsy …
rivers rum at river antoine estate And of course my little traveling buddy Ryian, just had to have another shot to add to her collection.

Here’s Ryian and Patsy, with the cooling tanks pictured in the background.
The best part of the tour of course is the rum tasting …
rivers rum at river antoine estate
And after tasting you get the opportunity to take home a couple bottles at factory price.

Rivers Rum comes in two different sizes, and two different proofs. There is a 40% alc, 80% proof which is less strong, and suitable for traveling. And then there is bad boy, not for the faint of heart … and the only guarantee here is that it won’t be below 75% alc or 152 proof.

If you like good natural white rum like I do. Then make a stop at River Antoine Estate, the home of Rivers Rum a Must Stop.

And if you make it this far north, be sure to also check out Lake Antoine it’s only 5 minutes away. It is the source of the River Antoine, that feeds the channel, that turns the wheel, that crushes the cane, that makes Rivers Rum, which we all love so much.

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  1. Sugar cane

    Slim, lean.
    Tall and wispy –
    leaves swaying
    exposing shades
    green to mellow yellow

    Strong stalks
    ringed around rings
    a jagged joint
    a pocket-full of
    white-silk juices –

    teasing taste buds
    salivating to drink
    sugar cane juices

    that makes rum
    so strong
    that makes mouth
    sweetly surrender

    to a cane joint
    a socket full
    white silk juices…

    Sugar Cane – its RUM!

  2. ‘Ancient Times’, That’s our River Antoine Rum Distillery.

    Indeed it’s a grand old historical venture. It’s my local. Born not Bred at just a stone’s throw away, River Sallee, St. Patrick, from the lake and distillery.

    So I am so blessed to see others dribble over its power, though never touched this white liquid gold, it’s our island’s treasure. And of course its present owners , like myself, are Grenadian Londers, from Shepherds Bush London England, back to the organic bushy terrian of St. Patrick – ah tel yu it in de bone.

    Wonder of Wonders – what a lovely canefield trail.

    I believe that the following telephone number is correct. Simply ask for Shirley Richards and say Louise from Shepherdsbush, London England directed you.

    001 473 442-7109

  3. i am a french distillery ( organic cognac) looking for organic rum. How can I contact this distillery ? Please keep me informed . The tel number is wrong .
    Is thére an e-mail ?

  4. The direct phone number is 473-442-7109. Let them know how much that they are missing out on by not having this great RUM on the foreign market. Good luck.

  5. Hey everybody, great internet site Gooch. Is there a way to get directions to the distillery? Do we need to set up an appointment before hand?

    1. Hi James,
      No you do not need an appointment. But it won’t hurt to call ahead, that’s always a good idea in Grenada. Just grab an island map and you are good to go, or when you get to Grenville ask anyone. Grenada is very easy to get around, and once you leave the towns there is usually just one Main Road. Here is view from Google Maps.. you will see the sign for River Antoine Distillery right around the endpoint indicated on the map. Take lot’s of pics and let us know what you liked best.

      View Larger Map

  6. Greneda….amazing. Rivers rum…The best. Can’t get in UK yet. Although have written to them, going back in a couple of months, will have to pop in to their distillery.

  7. fantastic experience!!! of course i’ll do it again, i hope to find a place where I can find this rum in Europe, my bottle is finish…..

  8. Hey Gooch,
    It’s a good idea man, please, if you can; send out some emails to the company. Hopefully we get some positive results/feedback from them. But this summer am planning to head to the Isle and one of the things am going to do is take a tour of the factory, and this is one of the questions am going to raise to the administrators regarding international/e-marketing. I don’t know for certain the level of government involvement in factory operations. But i think they should provide some serious subsidies/incentives to the factory that will promote increased production and marketing. In regards to international promotion/marketing of the rum, such a venture can encourage major revenues and international recognition for our country once the right markets are established. For example look at the Appleton Rum from Jamaica its internationally recognized, we can expect the same from Rivers once the business is subsidized by the government and the flood gates to international markets are opened. Lets see where the VAT revenue will be ending up???


  9. i was wondering the same thing. there must be a way to buy online or import rivers. please tell me if there is a way you can

  10. Is there an online shop/e-market where we can buy River Antoine products outside Grenada. Such a venture will be very successful given that River Antoine products are very popular among the diaspora. If such a market does not exist as yet the administrators should seriously look into establishing this link. Of course such a move will require an expansion of the current factory or, opening another outlet that can be used to cater for exportation purposes; and also allocating additional lands for sugar cane cultivation. Your thoughts??

    1. Hey Charlo,
      almost every couple months someone asks about buying Rivers Rum over the Internet or whether there is a a European or US distributor. I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. Maybe I’ll send an email to the Rivers guys. If I get a response I will post it here. I think its a good idea you suggested provided the market research bears out. Of course somebody will have to bank roll the thing… is that person you 😉 ? Give them a shout.

      Thanks for the comment.


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