Fort Frederick

Fort Frederick Grenada

I’ve always wanted to visit Fort Frederick. And while on Christmas vacation 2005 I finally made it up there. There isn’t a whole lot to do or see on Fort Frederick itself. But there are many things to see from Fort Frederick.

One of the first things that got my attention from up there was the Prison. It is walking distance from from the Fort. In that prison Bernard Coard, and others serve out life sentences for executing Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, and other cabinet members back in 1983. This bloody episode played out on Fort George which is also visible from Fort Frederick.

It’s kind of ironic that these guys are now in the same prison that they once oredered many to be placed. Orders that they may have been issued right from Fort Frederick, which was a strong hold of the Peoples Revolutionay Army.

I happen to be one of those wierd people who love history, and I especially love West Indian history. There is nothing like standing on a 200 year old colonial Fort, like Fort Frederick to fire up your imagination … Cannons, Pirates, and what life must have been like for the British and French soilders who were stationed here.

Just as every other fort on the islands there is a story. The stroy behind Fort Frederick goes something like this…

In July 1779 the Bristh was attacked by the French General d’Estaing. The British had fortified positions on Fort George, so d’Estaing with 10,000 men decide against engaging the British from the sea.

Instead he landed his men higher up the western coast, marched them inland and then attacked the British where they least expected it … from within on higher ground.

The British loosing the high ground advantage, and prepared to defend only a sea attack, quickly gave in to the French. The French not wanting to suffer the same fate as the British immediately begun construction of forts on the higher ground to the east of Fort George.

One of these forts was Fort Frederick. Its purpose was to protect the town, and Fort George from attacks coming from the interior.

As you will see judging from the view of the town, and harbor from Fort Frederick, I think you will agree that the French picked an appropriate location to erect the fort.

fort frederick view of St. Georges

Before the French completed construction, the British once again got back Grenada under the Treaty of Versailles. The British having learned their lesson, did the sensible thing, and finish the job.

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  1. this is the best view of fort george i have seen on a computer or map and am looking foward in seeing even more because i’m so intereted in my grenadian history

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