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World Cup Cricket West Indies 2007

Watching Australia run over team after team evoked vivid memories of my dislike for Michael Jordan in his heyday. It was deja vu all over again.

Michael Jordan Australia Cricket Batsman side by side

I disliked Mike for every wrong reason:

  • he was too fast
  • he dunked too good
  • he read the game too well
  • he’s too great at crunch time

It was clear Mike was the greatest, but being an LA Lakers die hard I was just having a hard time accepting that. That is until something strange happened one day.

australia cricket andrew simmonds grenada national stadium world cup cricket

The day came when I was literally forced to say to myself yes he is great, maybe even the greatest like many say. It happened kind of subconsciously.

The game started and I had my usual Anti-Jordan Attitude. And then it happened! In a flash my entire body and spirit had surrendered to the greatness before me. It was like a burden was lifted, and I moved from I “hate” Mike, to I love Mike.

Well Australia the same thing to me again. I am a die hard Windies fan (and by the way … they are doing a damn good job of killing me slowly). But anyways, I did not want to admit that the Australian team was so powerful. But by the time they showed up at Grenada National Stadium with their Army of fans it was a foregone conclusion in my mind.

australia cricket fan grenada national stadium world cup cricket

Maybe the Windies being out of contention had something to do with it. Nah! I had to strike that, because it’s definitely not true. Side by side Australia was clearly a superior team, with superior players, and administrators. And Windies being in or out of contention for The World Cup could not change that.

I enjoyed watching you guys. And anyone who get a chance to see this mean machine in action should definitely jump at the opportunity. And to all you Aussie fans … as we say in Grenada: “Nuff Respect”. The next time you are thinking about a Caribbean vacation make sure Grenada is on your list. And drop me a line to let me know you are coming.

Aussie Fans and Friends in Party Stand

Here is a slide show of many Aussie Cricket fans in the Party Stand at the Grenada National Stadium.

Enjoy the photos, you might see yourself, especially if you were in the Party Stand with me.

And if you have photos and videos of your Grenada World Cup Cricket fun, or any cool stories you want to share with me and future Grenada visitors, you can tell me right here.

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  1. hey, im from england. this is a good website. my school went on a cricket tour to grenada and twice we played in the national stadium ( i got a poor 9 runs in my first innings but evened it out by scoring 76 in my second 🙂 ). our team got a record in grenada winning 7 out of 8 games. who did the aussies play in the stadium? was it the netherlands?

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