Lake Antoine

Lake Antoine Grenada … Yet Another Treasure

Another example of Grenada’s natural beauty, and variety is Lake Antoine. It’s located in Grenada’s most northern parish, St Patricks.

lake antoine grenada

It is the second largest lake on the island, the largest is Grand Etang Lake.

I won’t suggest that you come to St Patrick’s just for Lake Antoine, but you certainly will want to stop by if you are ever in the area.

Lake Anotine is the source of River Antoine, which plays a vital role at River Antoine Estate, the home of Grenada’s famous Rivers Rim.

After a tour at River Antoine Estate, and some rum tasting we continued north.

We made a left turn up a narrow, bumpy unpaved road to a hill top overlooking the lake.

A nice spot for pictures, and appreciating Grenada’s unspoiled beauty.

The fertile soil around the lake is used for the cultivation of Organic Bananas that are exported.

While we are on the subject of lakes, check out Grenada most popular lake …Grand Etang


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