Missing Carriacou Friends And Family For 10 Years

by Magdalene Joseph
(Brooklyn, NY USA)

My name is Magdalene, I love going back to Carriacou to visit my family which includes my two beautiful children Kirstine and Latoya.

What was I missing that ten years I was away from my family, and my beautiful little island?


But not anymore. Now I go to Carriacou every year, and its Soooo much fun. I go hang out at my old work place (Silver Beach Resort) where some of my old co-workers still work.

Last year, I was soo excited and anxious to take my husband, who is from Jamaica, to my beautiful, adorable island of Carriacou. I could not wait to take him to Hardwood Bar & Paradise Beach.

In fact, my grandma Estella lives only 2 minutes from the lower part of Paradise Beach.

What great fun he had. He couldn’t believe I came from such a people friendly island, and live so close to the beach. He loved paradise beach.

As I said my husband is from Jamaica, but now he is talking about building a house in Carriacou… EVEN I CAN’T BELIEVE IT.

I love this lovely place. CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK.


  1. I was always told to visit Carriacou by my aunt and father, but I used to say next time when I visit Grenada. Well, when I finally went to Carriacou the feeling was absolutely wonderful. The people are very friendly, the views are breath taking and the food was good; I love the bread from the bakery. What can I say, it was just a nice place to be.

    The hotel we stayed at on the strip was clean, air conditioned, hot and cold showers and the price was very reasonable.

    The feeling I had was to put Carriacou in my suitcase and take it with me. Since then, I have not returned to Grenada without visiting Carriacou. There is something about Carriacou. Yes, there is something about Carriacou. I talk about Carriacou and I now have poeple visiting the island and they agree with me.

    1. Hi Maureen
      Thanks for the comment. Sounds like you got bitten by the Carriacou bug. Fact is most people who visit Carriacou tend to come away feeling like you did. Not much to do there but it sure is a special island.
      – Gooch

  2. Hi Magdalene,
    It says a lot that your Jamaican husband is talking about building a house in Carriacou.
    Jamaica is one of the most fabulous destinations in the Caribbean but not without major issues like crime.
    Carriacou on the other hand is as safe and friendly as they come. And also fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

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