Grenada: What draws me in… A Review by Caribheat Part 2

Before you continue first check out Part 1 of Grenada: What Draws me in… Now for my memory… we have travelled to the island of Grenada so many times I can barely keep count. It is a beautiful lush rainforest island with several stunning beaches and several gorgeous waterfalls and several sneaky idyllic spots to… Continue reading Grenada: What draws me in… A Review by Caribheat Part 2

Christmas in Paradise Part 2

This Part 2 of Christmas in Paradise by Oliver (Winchester, UK). If you have not read Part 1 of Oliver’s Christmas in Grenada click here. We’d been to Grenada once before, but only for 24 hours on our way to Carriacou in 2003, so hadn’t seen anything of the island. That’s where Vaughn came in.… Continue reading Christmas in Paradise Part 2

Christmas in Paradise Part 1

According to Oliver (Winchester, UK) Christmas in Grenada was nothing short of Christmas in Paradise. Here is Part 1 of his fun and informative Grenada Vacation Review, sprinkled with some excellent tips. Thank you Oliver It was an offer we couldn’t refuse. Some friends who live in Grenada wanted to visit their children in the… Continue reading Christmas in Paradise Part 1

Carry on Carriacou

Here is a short Carriacou Review by Oliver Gray from Winchester, UK. We visited Carriacou seven years ago and dreamed of going back but never thought we’d have the chance. Here is the original article written back then. Anyway, last week, we got the chance to revisit. We took the Osprey on a glorious day… Continue reading Carry on Carriacou

BB’s Crabback Restaurant, A Visitor’s Review

If you are in Grenada, you MUST eat at BB’s Crabback Restaurant! It is by far the best food on the Island. The chef/owner, Brian Benjamin (aka “BB”) was born in Grenada and professionally trained in Europe, and the food represents a perfect inter-mingling of the two… Grenadian and European… the best of both worlds.… Continue reading BB’s Crabback Restaurant, A Visitor’s Review

Unwind Bar @ BBC Beach, the Secret is Out.

I knew I struck gold when I discovered Unwind Bar at BBC Beach. It was sheer coincidence that I happen to be at the right place at the right time. But that’s another story. My guess is that you have never heard about Unwind Bar. Even my friend, a frequent Grenada visitor whose favorite beach… Continue reading Unwind Bar @ BBC Beach, the Secret is Out.

Land of Spice where Everything was Nice!

A Vacation Review by the Clarkson Family From Canada Hi there, we are from Canada, and we enjoyed the beautiful island of Grenada. It truly was an island of spice where everyone is nice. My husband and two kids (9 and 6) visited Grenada for the first time for one full week of relaxation and… Continue reading Land of Spice where Everything was Nice!


Submitted by Pat (Location Unknown) (What a view! The old Leper colony with Grand Anse in the background 1986) Yes, I remember the Sandblast, and Grand Anse Beach, but my favorite beach was the BBC, as it was where we lived the building of the Airport. I have many happy memories of the island. I… Continue reading BBC Bay

Window To My Soul

by Tasha Ashton (Brookyln N.Y U.S.A) I am a Grenadian. I’ve  been living in New York City for the past 15yrs, I had the pleasure to visit after staying away for such a long time. When people say that you don’t realize you have a good thing until you lose it, well that saying was… Continue reading Window To My Soul

Running The Island

by Brian Stickler (Santa Clarita, CA, USA) House on Prickly Point We work for Princess Cruises Corporate Headquarters in Los Angeles. Myself and one colleague were aboard the Caribbean Princess in November ’08 to survey for an upcoming project. Our work concluded, we disembarked in Grenada at 2pm for a flight back to L.A. the… Continue reading Running The Island