Grenada: What draws me in… A Review by Caribheat Part 2

Before you continue first check out Part 1 of Grenada: What Draws me in

Now for my memory… we have travelled to the island of Grenada so many times I can barely keep count.

It is a beautiful lush rainforest island with several stunning beaches and several gorgeous waterfalls and several sneaky idyllic spots to escape to.

I can’t help remembering the days spent sitting on Mourne Rouge beach under a big tree.

There is almost no one on the beach so I feel, we have this whole beach to ourselves, save for an unusual long necked bird that saunters by us within an arms reach…like he never learned to be afraid of humans.

The waves gently lap over and over on the shore while my 5 year old screams with delight in the Caribbean sea.

My 11 week old dips his tiny little toes in the water and looks both stunned and thrilled as the water rushes up to tickle his pudgy legs.

The sand is as soft as silk and the warm sun is only new in the morning sky.

On one side of us is a sharp hill with a little road wrapping around to the unknown, behind us is a cliff almost protecting us from reality and on the other side is the gentle slope that guided us to this spot.

It is so peaceful I am rendered almost speechless, however I have spotted a local woman walking the far side of the beach bent over examining the shoreline for fine shells.

Will she use these for sales today at the craft market or is she simply enjoying the blessing that is her island.

Morne Rouge Beach also known as BBC, is such a gem that they have named one of the two tiny little hotels; Gem.

At this Gem hotel there is a bar and restaurant with tables and chairs on the beach, in the sand. One evening we wisely made the choice to return for a drink and to watch the sunset – Thank God for wise choices.

So quiet and so unassuming, as though one of the greatest sights I have ever had is not about to happen here at this beach.

We order Pina Coladas for the fun of it and upon our first sip declare it heaven in a glass.

Slowly the sun begins its decent toward the water… so slowly you almost feel it is teasing your patience.

I am able to take a minute to realize how blessed I am as I have my husband, parents and my two beautiful sons with me.

One is only 11 weeks old, but already wise enough to push his little legs into a locked position on “Nana’s” lap with a hope of catching a glimpse of this big show.

My 5 year old romps about in the small sand dunes that have formed outside this low lying average looking building, with his Papa a perpetual 10 year old in a grown mans body.

Suddenly there is a vibrant red glow across all of our faces, the sand, the building and we realize it is time to pay full attention.

The sun continues to dip slowly downward while the sky explodes in a mix of colours that Claude Monet would envy. The Caribbean sea sits in stillness of this small inlet, waiting for this bright beautiful sun ball to slip away.

We are mesmerized moving only to sip our Pina Colada’s, aka Heaven in a glass.

Finally when the sun has disappeared and the sky is left in a hue of reds and oranges everyone applauds…

Wait people have joined us…

There is a small group of other sun worshipers including all the staff from the bar and restaurant offering a hearty standing ovation… thanking the Sun for its incredible performance.

Everyone, making a small vow to return tomorrow for the new show!

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  1. Very nicely put. I’ve only spent a handful of hours on Grenada, left on a cruise through the Grenadines from Port Louis, but those hours were grand. Can’t wait to visit again soon and hit some of the beaches and other hot spots.


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