BB’s Crabback Restaurant, A Visitor’s Review

If you are in Grenada, you MUST eat at BB’s Crabback Restaurant! It is by far the best food on the Island. The chef/owner, Brian Benjamin (aka “BB”) was born in Grenada and professionally trained in Europe, and the food represents a perfect inter-mingling of the two… Grenadian and European… the best of both worlds.

Lunch At BB's Restaurant

Everything is fresh, local, and unimaginably delicious. My personal favorites are the Crabback appetizer, and the Prawns in lobster sauce. I can’t rave enough about pure deliciousness of this food!

As if the fabulous food isn’t enough, the restaurant is in a great location, downtown in the heart of the capital, St. Georges, on the Carenage, literally sitting over the ocean. It is casual open-air dining with a million dollar view, watching the boats drift by on the crystal turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

You will be enthusiastically welcomed and waited upon by BB’s British wife, Anna, who will chat you up about everything you need to know in Grenada. And she will probably know your uncle’s wife’s sister’s hairdresser!

The whole experience will leave you ready to sell all your belongings and move to Grenada…that’s what I did!

– Clare Salthouse


  1. We were lucky enough to find BB’s on our first stop in Grenada last January [2009]. We’re going to be in Grenada again in early February, 2010. The atmosphere, the really cold beer, the views from the deck, the friendliness of the owners, and the incredibly good food and service makes a visit to BB’s the only reasonable alternative of all the things to do on Grenada for a meal. We travel a lot, and try to eat local everywhere we go. BB’s ranks at the top.

  2. BB’S is my favourite restaurant in the world! Brian is a genius as his food is quite simply fantastic. Do NOt miss out on his crab back (I could eat this as 3 courses alone!) also worth trying IMO are MeatyMia and ki ng prawn seretse.
    From London to Sunny Grenada he has pleased us many times with fantastic food! Big up BB’s!!

  3. Just back from Grenada where I enjoyed my favorite restaurant meal in Grenada at BB’s. My wife is a Grenadian and I have had the good fortune of spending quite a bit of time on the island. Our visits always include many home cooked meals of “local dishes”. BB’s ability to create Grenadian and West Indian specialties with his own special touches is outstanding. The menu is easy to navigate for locals and visitors alike, with well written descriptions of ingredients and preparations. I would reccommend a visit to BB’s as a key part of any visit to St. Georges and the Carenage.

  4. Hi Clare,
    Thanks for an excellent review. Make’s me want to try BB’s even more now. My Sister and Mom both dined at BB’s Crabback and they both had a wonderful experience.

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