5 Fun Things to do on The Carenage… plus Pictures

Grenada has one of the loveliest towns in the Caribbean and no part of St. George’s is more scenic than The Carenage, and it’s surrounding. The Carenage is home to several major Grenada businesses, great restaurants, yachts, fishing vessels, water taxis, etc. It is a mix of bustling commerce, and private life. This is not the kind of place that words can do justice to, so I’ll shut up now and let these Carenage Pictures tell the story….

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5 Fun Things to Do and See in and around The Carenage

Look for more pictures of The Carenage at The Grenada Pictures Gallery


  1. On the Carenage , you can also just sit and enjoy the view in the evening when the sun is going down. Having a roti and a drink while sitting and viewing is good too.

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