Grenada The Best And Safest Vacation Spot

by Anonymous

Hello ~ My ancestry is Grenadian, but I was born in Trinidad, so as i was curious about my maternal lineage, I went to Grenada four times within a 10-yr period.

It was absolutely perfect. Not crowded, safe, and very nice people.

The beaches are not crowed, transportation was cheap, and the food out of this world. The thing that stood out to me most, was the “older” folks. This reminds me of what home is like.

We’ve gotten so far removed from some things that are good for our well being as Caribbean people; Grenada brought back a sense of nostalgia.

I forgot to mention it is also a very clean place without any traffic.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, in fact after visiting so many Caribbean islands, and not finding better, I wonder why people settle for less elsewhere! I also loved my time spent on Carricou, a sister island to Grenada. Some locals may appear at times to be reserved, however I can attest to their friendly nature and all it usually take’s is a little small talk for the spirit of Grenadians to show itself. Considering some recent history, I found the honest opinions that were expressed to be refreshing, no finger pointing, just clear resolve to continue the self-improvment that well bring even an even better tomorrow for this proud nation!
    I do advise travel here, as well as a few other Southern Caribbean locales like Bequia. There is quite a lot to the past here, a mix of those from other lands, not a simple thread though history at all….. A free, prosperous and strong Grenada is in everyone best interest, I don’t doubt the future is a bright one for this little piece of heaven.

    Best Wishes to all…..


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