Christmas in Paradise Part 1

According to Oliver (Winchester, UK) Christmas in Grenada was nothing short of Christmas in Paradise. Here is Part 1 of his fun and informative Grenada Vacation Review, sprinkled with some excellent tips. Thank you Oliver It was an offer we couldn’t refuse. Some friends who live in Grenada wanted to visit their children in the… Continue reading Christmas in Paradise Part 1

The Best Grenada Restaurants, Menus and Pictures

I‘ve been meaning to post this for sometime now. You’ll have to thank Kris for thinking up this very smart idea. It’s the best collection of menus from Grenadian Restaurants that I’ve seen. An invaluable tool that will save you time and help you manage your expectations… all in one place. The slide show includes… Continue reading The Best Grenada Restaurants, Menus and Pictures

Prickly Bay Marina Pizzeria

Here is a guest post reviewing the Pizzeria at Prickly Bay Marina in L’Anse aux Epines. It’s submitted by Ryian from Washington DC. Thanks Ryian. Considering the fact that by the time we all got there we were all starving, I would say that overall the pizza was pretty good. The service was very slow,… Continue reading Prickly Bay Marina Pizzeria

Grenada Restuarants A Few Heads Up

by Anonymous First a lot of changes have taken place on the restaurant scene in Grenada. De Big Fish Restaurant is no longer running at full speed or any speed – my advice –stay away till someone takes it over! Delicous Cafe in True Blue is a great new Italian eatery opened from 7am- 6pm… Continue reading Grenada Restuarants A Few Heads Up