Land of Spice where Everything was Nice!

A Vacation Review by the Clarkson Family From Canada Hi there, we are from Canada, and we enjoyed the beautiful island of Grenada. It truly was an island of spice where everyone is nice. My husband and two kids (9 and 6) visited Grenada for the first time for one full week of relaxation and… Continue reading Land of Spice where Everything was Nice!

Grenada National Parks

Grenada National Parks…Hike Ho! Hike Ho! Off To Hike We Go… If you are planning to get a little mud on you boots while in Grenada then the Grenada Nationa Parks is the place to do it. Photography: Muddy Shoes by rightee. Granda Etang National Park & Forest Reserve My fascination with Grand Etang started… Continue reading Grenada National Parks

Grand Etang Lake

Grand Etang Lake is a prime example that Grenada has more than just pretty beaches. On our nature tour of Grenada we stopped off at Grand Etang Lake, to admire the beauty and take in the serenity. Getting to the lake is easy, even if you are driving yourself. There is only one main road… Continue reading Grand Etang Lake