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Getting Around in Grenada … without a car rental

If you are like me, you drive to work everyday, and it’s a hassle. So you are thinking … Enough! Not on my vacation! I’m not driving … I want to be driven.
Well then … here are a few options to consider for getting around while in Grenada if you choose not to go with the car rental

The next best thing

Take a Taxi … At the airport and at your hotel a friendly taxi driver is always easy to find. Most of these guys work exclusively with tourist, and are very knowledgeable about the island.

If you chose to hire the taxi for most of the day make sure you and the driver both agree on the cost, and are clear on your desired outcome … normally about US$15.00 per hour should cover it.

Regular trips from the main hotel district in the south to the airport, or the capital will run you about US$10.00

The Cheapest

If you really want an experience take a mini bus. The mini-buses are the main form of transportation, they are licensed to carry 15 passengers and a driver … but during peak hours they can become almost crammed … you’ll see an extra 3-4 passengers, and the conductor who is really a magician that can materialize additional seats out of thin air.

The bus costs between US$1.00 and US$3.00, it all depends on how far you are traveling. You will see designated bus stopsand terminals along the road, but even if you are not directly on the stop and you flag the bus down like you would a taxi, it will stop for you. Tell the conductor where you are headed and he will see that the bus stops at your destination.

Just for Fun

While still attending High School in Grenada I always enjoyed looking at the Water Taxis leaving the inner harbor on the Carenage bound for Grand Anse Beach.

These are small locally made wooden motor boats that offer a quick, and fun way to travel back and forth between Grand Anse in the south and the historic capital St. George’s.

I never took a Water Taxis … but my friends and I frequently took the same route on a small yacht called snoopy … the views of the beaches, the inner harbor and the refreshing sea breeze make this short trip very worthwhile … for about $12 you got to experience it yourself.

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