Grenada Cricket World Cup Party Stand

Grenada Party Stand

Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007

Were You There?

grenada world cup cricket 2007 - Grenada National Stadium Part Stand

The Grenada National Stadium, want to do it right? Then do it in the party stand. Were you in Grenada for Cricket World Cup 2007? If you were then you know what I am talking about.

It’s the best place to enjoy cricket. Music, non stop spirits; pure Grenadian island vibes; people from every creed and race; and world class cricket. That was the atmosphere at World Cup Cricket Grenada in the Party Stand.

The action in the Party Stand I have to tell you was contagious. You see I did not plan on being in the party stand. I figured the Posse Stand was close enough. But being in the Posse stand is too close for comfort for a partyaholic like me.

It’s like placing a fine bottle of Rivers Rum or Clarkes Court Rum next to an alcoholic, and saying “you can smell it, and watch me drink it but you can’t taste it”. Now that’s just pure cruelty!! And that’s how I felt my first day the Posse Stand.

grenada world cup cricket 2007 - Grenada National Stadium Part Stand

So after being tortured in the Posse Stand by watching Lara’s Last Stand go down in flames, all the while observing the fun and frolic in the Party Stand my friends and I decided that it was time to upgrade. For the next 5 matches we joined the mayhem and madness in the Party Stand.

Oh, and my Sony 7.2 Mega Pixels Digital Camera also tagged along … So if you spent anytime time in the Grenada Party Stand chances are good that you met me or my Sony digi.

Check out the videos and Pics that follow. Do you have a story or more pics to share? Click this link and tell me about it.

Don’t let your boss or pastor see you with your pass down. If my Sony Digi caught you in and compromising position shoot me an note and I will take care of it. Enjoy …

Videos and Pics – Grenada Party Stand

Party Stand Girls

Here’s a slideshow with many of the sexy, beautiful and friendly ladies at the Grenada Party Stand.

Were you one of them?

A variety and colors, shapes, sizes and ages. That’s what being in the Isle of Spice Grenada is all about: Variety …It is this spice of life, and the Grenada Party Stand had it.

Best Party Stand Costume

Take a look at the Party Stand at any of the Grenada World Cup Cricket matches and you would swear you were at a costume party.

So who got best costume? Was it the Kiwi Wonder Woman, The South African Nuns, or the Aussie Sheiks? You be the judge, just check out the slide show to the left.

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