Grenada Weather

The attractive Grenada weather comes with no hidden surprises. All you need to know is that there are two seasons: The Dry Season and The Rainy Season.

Here are the important things you need to know about the weather in Grenada so you can plan for your trip.

Grenada Weather – Temperature

Do you know that muggy, steam-room feeling you experience on certain summer days in parts of North America and Europe? That’s due to high humidity. The beauty about the weather in Grenada is that the temperature can be high, but it never feels humid. The cool sea breeze takes care of that.

I never knew there was such a thing as a warm breeze, until I experienced it my first summer in Texas. In Grenada whenever the trees sway it’s because of some cool refreshing ocean breeze … and that’s unbeatable.

The average temperature in Grenada hovers around 29°C/85°F. Your body adjusts quickly to this warm weather and when you head towards the interior of the island, especially at night, you will feel the cooler temperature difference.

Nov – Feb are normally the lowest temperature months, around [17-21°C]/[63-69°F], with February being the coldest.It really is no big deal, but some of you might want to pack a denim jacket or similar.

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Grenada Climate

While predicting Grenada's temperatures beyond a week is less accurate, looking at the average temperatures and rainfall throughout the year gives an excellent indication of what to should expect.
MonthAverage High (°F)Average High (°C)Average Low (°F)Average Low (°C)Average Rainfall (mm)Average Rainfall (in)# Wet Days

Grenada Weather – Hurricanes

Only a few years ago I boasted that Grenada was hurricane free for almost 50 years. That changed in September 2004 when Hurricane Ivan devastated the island. And in 2005 Hurricane Emily paid a follow up visit.

The Hurricane season runs from June through November. And it peaks between August and October, where most of the terrible storms arrive. Always take precautions when traveling during hurricane months. Here is a resource to help you do just that (Note: links will open in a new browser window … just close it to return to Grenada Beaches):

National Hurricane Center – Be Prepared

  • Developing a Family Plan
  • Creating a Disaster Supply Kit
  • Having a Place to Go
  • Securing your Home
  • Having a Pet Plan

StormCarib – everything about Caribbean storms from hurricane correspondents living on the islands

Grenada is still one of the safest places to vacation in the entire Caribbean during the Hurricane season, despite the recent hurricanes. Here are some facts (as of 2007):

  • Grenada is the fifth safest Caribbean island based on hurricane track record
  • Only 11 hurricanes In 155 years (1851 – 2006) came withing 69 miles of Grenada.
  • Of those 11 hurricanes in 155 years only 3 hurricanes cause substantial damage
  • Hurricane Free for 49 years from 1956 through 2003

The past definitely does not determine the future, but where hurricanes are concerned, it’s one of the few things we have. So if you have to decide on an island to visit on the basis of it’s hurricane track record, or on it’s likelihood of NOT being struck by a hurricane in the future, then Grenada should definitely be high on your list.

One reason for Grenada’s good hurricane record is it’s location. It’s so nicely tucked away in the south, that by the time the hurricanes arrive in the Caribbean, most of them would have already steered towards the islands further north and west, leaving you to enjoy sunny hurricane free Grenada.

Grenada Weather – Seasons

1. Dry Season

  • Runs from January through May.
  • Very little rainfall during this period.
  • Several trees lose their leaves, and grass and small plants can turn brownish (a kind of Autumn Effect).
  • Grenada takes on a slightly arid look, at least outside the rain forest interior.
  • Dry Season in Grenada coincides with winter months in North America and Europe so it’s also peak tourist season.
  • More Cruise Ships, maybe more stay over visitors, and of course Higher Prices at the hotels.

2. Rainy Season

  • Runs from June through November.
  • Grenada returns to it’s signature lush green look.
  • Although it is the season for rain do not expect it to rain every day all day, far from it!! Very rarely you will have overcast skies for a few days with heavy downpours throughout the day.
  • Grenada Weather on typical rainy season day
    • Sunny most of the day
    • An intermittent shower or two during the day (lasts less than an hour),
    • Heavier showers on and off, starting late at night until dawn (while you sleep)
  • Just for Fun: A rainy day is never a perfect beach day. But if the rain catches you already on the beach, and in the water that can be a terrific experience …just try it!


  1. We are looking at coming to Grenada for our honeymoon late August, early September. I have two questions. One, do you think this is a wise choice as it sounds like that’s the worst month for weather? And two, in your experience, is the island insanely busy around that time?

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