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On special occasions Aquarium Restaurant shines. My Mom and I both have the same birthday. On her 66th birthday (don’t tell her I told you), we had dinner at Aquarium Restaurant to celebrate that spacial occasion.

It’s interesting how I settled on Aquarium Restaurant.  Restaurants are a funny business, very trendy; consistency is hard to maintain; management change all the time; and sometimes the service goes right out the door. 

It was my first time back in Grenada after a long break, and I had two problems:

  1. How to pick a good restaurant from among the many Grenada Restaurants?
  2. And to make matters worst, like all good cooks, my Mom is extremely hard to please when it comes to eating outside her kitchen.

So I turned to my trusted network of local friends, and asked for their top recommendations. Everyone had one restaurant in common. But still not fully convinced, I decided to leave it in the hands of another trusted friend whose opinion I really valued. This guy gets around Grenada.

Of all the Grenada Restaurants he made reservations for us at Aquarium Restaurant. And you should already guess that it was an outstanding choice.


The ambiance at Aquarium Restaurant is inviting and scenic. The Restaurant is open air, and lovely art accent the infrequent wall or two. The waterfalls, Koi pond, palm and banana trees all bring the feel of the Grenada forest to the beach. 

Relax and enjoy your meal as you listen to waves washing ashore, or adore the lights of St. George’s and the western coast as they dot the darkness across the waters.


aquarium beach bar restaurant grenada restaurnats

How about the food?… well this was one of the rare occasions where my mom only had good comments about the food. She had one of the fish entree, but the name escapes me now … all I can remember is that she ate everything, and said the chef did a good job. That speaks volumes if you know my mom. 

I had the crayfish entree in place of lobster (they were out). I would rate it as good but not excellent … the crayfish itself was not the most succulent I’ve tasted, but still delicious.

To top things off we both got complementary slices of birthday cake … and very warm greetings from our waiter. His service was very good throughout our entire dinner.

Beach Bar and Sunday Barbecue

aquarium beach bar restaurant grenada restaurnats grenada beaches

Aquarium Restaurant is really Aquarium Beach bar and Restaurant. So it’s not only great for dinner and lunch, but you can plan your whole beach day around this restaurant, it’s bar, and the beautiful beach. 

The Aquarium beach bar (La Sirena) serves up cocktails and local beers in a Mediterranean setting.

aquarium beach bar restaurant grenada restaurnats grenada beaches kayaking

Aquarium Restaurant’s Sunday Barbecue has grown into a favorite event for the entire family to enjoy. I have not made it to this barbecue yet but it’s very high on my list.

This Grenada-Beaches visitor said he enjoyed the beach barbecue and Aquarium Restaurant was by far his favorite Grenada Restaurant.

The beach in front of Aquarium Restaurant is one of the Top Grenada Beaches. You can enjoy snorkeling, catch a wave on a kayak, or just work on that golden tan.

Final Note About Aquarium Restaurant

It’s five minutes from the Point Salines Airport. So if you have some time to kill before your flight comes in (or leaves) just swing by Aquarium for a few drinks.

And next time you’re in Grenada I will definitely suggest that you put Aquarium Restaurant at the head of your list of Grenada restaurants to try. 

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