Red Crab Restaurant

Seems like the Red Crab Restaurant has been around forever. And it’s reputation as one of the better Grenada Restaurants is still in tact.

You will find the Red Crab restaurant in Lance Aux Pines. It’s right on the main road so you can’t miss it, just look for the sign.

I had dinner there with my mom and couple friends to celebrate their recent nuptials. There is nothing special about the ambiance of the Red Crab Restaurant. It’s not on a waterfront or beach, and you can hear the cars going by if you dine outside. 

That’s Mom and me posing for a picture while we look over the menu.

red crab restaurant grenada restaurants

The menu was pretty ordinary, and the our meal itself was good, but nothing to jump up and down about. They got my mom’s order mixed up with another table’s, but quickly took care of that. Our waitress was very nice but our host was not as gracious as I thought he could be. 

There are definitely Grenada Restaurants that are head and shoulders ahead of the Red Crab Restaurant- Aquarium Restaurant and True Blue Restaurant comes to mind. 

But the Red Crab restaurant is still high up on the list of good Grenada restaurants. It’s a short taxi ride to get to the red crab restaurant if you are in the Grand Anse and surrounding areas.

For sailors anchored in Prickly Bay it’s an easy 15 minute walk, and much better to go there and save the cost of a taxi, than go some place of equal or lesser standard. Remember only a few places are truly better than the Red Crab Restaurant. 

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