Concord Waterfalls

Concord Waterfalls Grenada

After a long day touring this beautiful island we arrived at Concord Waterfalls almost in the twilight of the evening. Concord Waterfalls is located in the hills of Concord, St. Johns on the west coast of Grenada.

Close up of Concord Waterfalls Grenada

You will also find that it’s pretty close to the fun fishing village of Gouyave, and the Douglaston Spice Plantation. Concord waterfalls is actually three waterfalls, but only one is easily accessible. The other two require some hiking for which we did not prepare.

concord falls grenada

To get to Concord waterfalls number one, we first turned off the main road in the village of Concord. And then drove for about 5 minutes up a narrow, steady incline all the way to the top. The road dead ends at the waterfalls, so you can’t get lost … just follow it to the end.

(Concord waterfalls and mountain backdrop)

It felt cooler at the top. And we were alone with nature … there was no one in sight when we arrived. There’s a small building across from the waterfalls, which looks like a visitor center. The access gate was locked, so I could not get in, but its varandah sure looked like a great vantage point for photos.

Concord Waterfalls Grenada

I definitely enjoyed Annandale Waterfalls more than I did Concord Waterfalls. But something about the nature lover in me made Concord Waterfalls feel more natural. Maybe it’s becuase we were up there alone.

(Here is Ryian with the falls pictured in background)

I think if you are in the parish of St. Johns or nearby it’s worth making the short detour, just to see the village, and the falls. But unless you want to do some fun hiking to the other two Concord waterfalls, I won’t recommend making big plans just to see this one only.

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