Grenada Discovery Train

A unique new attraction is coming to Grenada!
Starting this December, Grenada Discovery Train will offer the only tourist sightseeing train in the town of St. George.

Grenada Discovery Train

This charming and unique trackless tourist train will be performing several trips during the day on a daily basis throughout the city of St. George.

Founder Gerrit Van’t dack has been working on bringing this unique Tours and Sightseeing venture to Grenada for 4 years and is really excited his venture or as he likes to call it his Child.

When asked about his motives for starting the Discovery Train concept in Grenada, here is what Gerrit had to say:

Of course I am not doing this purely for philanthropic reasons, I do hope to make a living out of it, but in creating this new and unique sightseeing service I will be contributing to Grenada’s economy in general, and more particular to the small merchants in St. George’s that often remain hidden from the cruise ship tourists, or tourists in general, simply because they are in parts of the town that are usually not visited.

He went on to add

I am convinced that this new attraction is more than just a commercial initiative. As you know, St. George’s is not very inviting to explore on foot for elderly or less mobile persons, many of whom also enjoy cruising/vacationing in Grenada. Grenada Discovery Train will be big help to this group.

The town of St. George is also deprived of really specialized city tours. Most existing tour operators look at the inland of Grenada, which is nice enough, but it’s not all that Grenada has to offer. With the city sightseeing tour that Grenada Discovery Train will be offering we will open parts of the city previously unknown or less visited. This will help local merchants to benefit and thus invest in their trade.

In the end this will be a win-win-win:
A win for the local merchant previously deprived of tourists spending
A win for Grenada (St.George) because it has an extra unique attraction
A win for the tourists because they will get to explore parts of the town they didn’t even know existed.

And I will like to add a well deserved win for Grenada Discovery Train… if they pull it off… l hope they do.

Gerrit hopes his decision to invest in Grenada serves as a reminder to Grenadians that even in dire economic times, some people still believe in the island and love it and its people so much that they want to make it their home and try to repay a little to the community.

So with that I’ll like to welcome The Grenada Discovery Train to the Spice Isle.

Check back here to find out how to get in touch with them to explore St.George’s in a charming and comfortable way. DON’T MISS THE TRAIN!

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  1. Dag Gerrit, Viviane en Nico,

    Mooie webside hebben jullie.
    Hopelijk gaat alles ginder naar wens. Wanneer is de ‘maiden trip’ van de trein voorzien?
    We kijken uit naar nieuws van jullie.
    We kunnen bellen via skype als je een gsm nr doorgeeft.

    Je weet , altijd welkom bij ons ook voor logies in december


    Karel en Marleen

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