Randy Grenada Best Gouyave Fish Friday

Randy counts Gouyave Fish Friday and one of the favorite things to do in the lively coastal town of Gouyave. Randy lives in Texas (USA), is a regular to Grenada, and is without question a Gouyave lover … maybe because he has some roots there.

Here is his overview of the popular Gouyave Fish Friday celebrations:

The main allure of this exciting town called Gouyave is the nightlife. The most intriguing aspect is “Gouyave Fish Friday.’ Originally crafted few years ago to mimic the Anse Le Ray and Soufriere productions in St. Lucia, Gouyave Fish Friday has become one of the main attractions in Grenada for tourists and locals alike.

On a Friday night, the “back” streets of Gouyave are

  • closed to traffic and adorned with entertainment, music, lights,
  • over twenty vendor booths offering everything
    • from steamed fish,
    • to grilled fish,
    • to baked fish,
    • to fried fish,
    • plus all varieties of seafood done to every delight
    • served with local vegetables and side items such as roast bakes.

Fish Friday pulls in many tourists who partake of the inexpensive delights of freshly caught, never frozen, protein rich Gouyave fish. And the locals play a key role in allowing the guests the local courtesy of eating first, by choosing to arrive later in the evening primarily to sip a beverage and partake of the entertainment.

The food and festivities go until about midnight, when the action shifts further north to D’Lance, the core of Gouyave’s legendary nightlife.

Randy thank you. You summed it up perfectly: the nightlife and Gouyave Fish Friday are indeed legendary. It’s one of my favorite things to do in Grenada.

How about you? What’s your story? We all have one to tell about Gouyave. You can tell us about your Fish Friday story by clicking here. And don’t forget to include your best photos and videos from Gouyave Fish Friday, everyone want s to see them.

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