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Martin Battaliou’s Grenada Favorites

Martin Battaliou in Grenada - world cup cricket 2007

Martin and I met through the Grenada-Beaches website in the weeks leading up to his Grenada travel.

He and his family were some of the many South African fans who came to Grenada for the Cricket World Cup.

Pictured to the left is Martin at the Grenada National Stadium at the South African versus West Indies Match.

South Africa did well in Grenada, and Martin and family did even better. They had a blast!

Here’s what Martin said about his favorite places and things to do in Grenada:

Hello Neville

Thanks for the email. We had an awesome holiday in Grenada. My family particularly enjoyed the hotel we stayed in Mi Hacienda, high over Grand Anse beach near the golf club.

We also enjoyed our day trips, especially the ferry to Carriacou and the beach bbq. Our favorite restaurant by far was Aquarium.

A week is too little to see the whole island. Missed fish Friday but got to see Short Shirt and Gabby performing instead. They were also staying at our hotel. Please find some photos on the following link:

(Neville’s Note: I’ve selected some photos from the link Martin sent me. See them below. Oh, and I’ll definitely check out the Beach BBQ at Aquarium next time I’m home … Now back to Martin)

Downside was we thought accommodation a bit pricey, renting a serviced apartment in Venice was about half the cost (500 pounds v 1000 pounds). Seems like there’s a US dollar price for tourists and a local EC price for everyone else. Got to find a beach house away from St Georges on a bus route…

Straight ahead mon!

Martin Battaliou

(Neville’s Note: Martin you are sure right, the major hotels in the Grand Anse area can be pricey especially in peak season. The World Cup Cricket was Grenada’s biggest event ever, so I am sure the laws of demand and supply took over and made things much more pricey. Feel free to venture outside to the touristy areas to find better deals next time … Grenada is very safe and friendly.)

Here is the entire Battaliou gang: little Johnathan, wife Roz, Martin and older son Joshua.

Martin Battaliou in Grenada - world cup cricket 2007

Martins lovely wife Roz, on their hotel patio overlooking grand anse

Martin Battaliou Grenada favorites- - Mi Hacienda Hotel

Jonathan poses on a coconut tree for a picture in Levera (or Satauers) Beach

Martin Battaliou Grenada favorites - levera beach grenada

Joshua takes a shower at Annandale waterfalls

Martin Battaliou Grenada favorites - annandale waterfalls

Joshua and Jonathan with new found friends in the hotel pool

Martin Battaliou Grenada favorites - boys in pool at Mi Hacienda Hotel

Roz and Martin on route to Carriacou aboard Osprey Ferry

Martin Battaliou Grenada favorites - carricou osprey ferry

From room at Mi Hacienda Hotel. Roz relaxing on the patio with Grand Anse Beach in background

Martin Battaliou in Grenada - world cup cricket 2007

Now that’s what paradise is all about. Just think of this when you want to relax

Martin Battaliou Grenada favorites

The local mini buses are great and cheap way to get around Grenada. Here is Martin on a bus ride through River Road headed to St George’s. The background music is actually playing in the bus, and is by popular Grenada Soca artist Tallpree. You will notice Martin in the front window seat recording. According to him: It [this video] always brings a smile to my face.

Thank you Martin for sharing your special moments in Grenada with us. You absolutely had and amazing time. And I have a strong feeling you will be back.

If you have a great story, experience, place, person or thing you want to tell us about Grenada please share by clicking here.

I’d love to hear from you.

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