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Rick’s Cafe Grenada,We all Scream for Ice Cream

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Rick’s Cafe Grenada, the home of Sugar and Spice ice cream, not only carries the best ice cream in all Grenada Restaurants, but the best ice cream period. Well that’s at least if you love tropical flavored Ice Cream.

I know you’re thinking … I’m not leaving [insert country here] to go to Rick’s Cafe in Grenada for ice cream.

Well there are two reasons I think you will want to go to Ricks Cafe:

  1. The ice cream is really good, I mean it … move over Hagaan-Dazs, I’m talking once in a lifetime tropical flavors.
  2. You gotta eat right? And what about the kids, or the kid in you?

Photography: ice cream by esther17.

Rick’s Cafe Wild Ice Cream Flavors

Alright for the conservative among you, rest assured that your boring, I mean regular safe flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pistachio, etc, etc, etc. are all available at Ricks Cafe. So you can still come on down.

Now for those who want to live a little, and try something new, look for the

  • Soursop,
  • Guava,
  • Nutmeg
  • Power (Guinness meets Vanilla … not tropical but innovative and good)

Those are some of my favorite Ricks Cafe ice cream flavors. Some flavors are seasonal, so ask your server to identify and explain the local flavors for you. Or just same first.

Rick’s Cafe Pizza, Sandwiches, Carib

Rick’s Cafe Grenada is famous for being the home of the Sugar and Spice Ice Cream brand. But it is probably the first place in Grenada to popularize Pizza. And the do make a great Pizza at Ricks Cafe.

Also ask if the Barbecue Chicken Sandwich is still on the menu. That was hands down one of my favorites.

Of course no Grenada Restaurant or Eatery will be complete without the option for a cold Carib beer or three. And Ricks Cafe got that covered too.

Getting to Rick’s Cafe Grenada

Rick’s Cafe is closed on Mondays. It’s located in the Grand Anse Shopping Center. That’s on the opposite of the street from the Grand Beach Resort, and in the same area as the Food Fair Supermarket.

Any bus to grand anse or taxi will get you there.

It’s a great place to grab an afternoon bite or enjoy an ice cream cone after a day on the beach. There are a few booths inside and out front; and the terrace next to the lovely koi pond.

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