17 Questions Everybody Ought to Ask Before Diving in Grenada

One of Grenada’s most popular scuba dive shops is Native Spirit Scuba, located in Grand Anse on the grounds of the Grenada Grand Beach Hotel. The diveshop is owned and operated by a Adrian (Sarge) and Rahel.

Sarge, a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, is an expert on the Grenada Diving scene,so I thought it would be worthwhile to pick his brain on typical concerns/questions that a prospective Grenada Scuba Diver might have.

If you have never dove in Grenada before you will find the answers to these question very helpful when researching a dive shop, and planning your trip.I hope you get some benefit from it.

  1. What is the typical visibility? – 60 – 80 ft
  2. What is the typical water temp during the year? – 27 – 28 degrees celcius
  3. How long is the typical boat ride? – About 10 minutes
  4. Is there shore diving? – Yes, there is shore diving, but not a lot. The reef at Flamingo Bay is shore accessible, also Dragon Bay from which you could swim into the next bay “Moliniere” to dive the Under Water Sculpture Park. Once you are a certified diver you can rent tanks from us.
  5. What unique and exciting creatures are to be seen? – eagle rays, moray eels, turtles, sharks, lobsters and all Caribbean reef fishes, also a variety of corals
  6. Is there any wreck diving? – There are many wrecks, including the “Bianca C” which is the largest cruise ship wreck in the Caribbean, 200 m long.
  7. Do you have NITROX? – No
  8. How many divers to a boat typically? – 2 – 10 divers, depending on season.
  9. How deep is the average dive? – 60 ft
  10. What experience level do you recommend for the dives? – different experience levels for different dive sights; for people without any experience, they can do a discover scuba course, which gets them to dive within 2 – 3 hours on a shallow, beautiful reef ( 40 ft). The discover scuba dive can be credited torwards the open water certification course.
  11. How healthy are the reefs? – Most are in great condition
  12. How adundant is the fish life? – There are fishes in abundance
  13. What certifications do you recognize (e.g. PADI, NAUI, SSI)? – We are a PADI dive centre, but recognize all of the other certifications.
  14. Do the boats have rinse tanks for camera
    gear? –
  15. Can you rent camera gear? –
    No, but we offer to take pictures and videos which you can purchase
  16. Can I get certified on the island? –
    Definitely, right here with us; anything from open water diver all the
    way up to dive master. We also offer referral courses and scuba
    reviews( including one dive ) for those who haven’t been diving for
    several months or longer.
  17. Do you offer specialty classes? –
    yes, we do deep diver, boat diver, drift diver, multilevel diver, night
    diver, underwater naturalist, wreck diver


  1. Lot’s of info about diving not so much on snorkeling. Is there a beach at Dragon Bay? Is there decent snorkeling from the beach? Is it accessible from the road or should you take a water taxi? If you take a water taxi there, how do you arrange for the water taxi when you’re ready to leave?

    1. Hi Sue,
      Yes there is a beach at Dragon Bay, but in my opinion it is not easily accessible, and I won’t advise you to venture there on your own. If you have a guide with you then that is fine. You best option will be to go with one of the dive shops. I’ve used Native Scuba to snorkel at Dragon Bay and it was a good experience.

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