6 Fun Things To Do In Carriacou

by D & I Shippee
(New England)

  1. Paradise Beach – Paradise Beach is it!! It is worth a day trip or a couple nights away to look at what the Caribbean really still is.!!!!
  2. Sandy Island – Take a boat from the Paradise Beach bar {Hardwood} out to Sandy Island. You can depend on them to come back and get you. It’s a great snorkel and a beautiful private beach.
  3. Hardwood Bar & The T-Shirt Shop – These two alone are worth the trip, {also on Paradise Beach}.
  4. Island Tour – Take a ride around the island and return on the afternoon ferry!
  5. Brian’s – Brian’s in Hillsborough serves a good pizza for lunch!
  6. Main Street Deli – The Deli on Main Street is a great find. If you are staying on Carriacou, you need to stop in here. The other grocer’s in Hillsborough are extremely helpful, you may need to stop at a few places to find what you need, but they have plenty.

Look around……..it is a great place!

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  1. Hello Shippees,
    It’s good to hear folks mention Sandy Island again. The snorkeling is always fabulous there I hear. And hopefully the island will get back to its former Glory in time… it took a pounding from the 2004, 2005 Hurricane season.

    Pizza at Brian’s sound like a delicious idea.

    Anyone else eaten there? Is it a restaurant or more like a takeout/eatery/cafe? What else is on the menu?

    I’m happy you guys had a blast in Carriacou… do come again.

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