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grenada annandale waterfalls annandale falls annadale fallsOur visit to Annandale Waterfalls was short, but it stands out as one of my most memorable stops

Grenada tourist attractions like Annandale Falls can get crowded when the cruise ships are in port. So I try to avoid visits on those days. As my luck will have it there were at least three cruise ships in port the morning I had schedule to visit Annadale Waterfalls.

To go or not to go, that was the question. Well you already know that answer: I decided to go …and am glad I did.

The very thing that I was trying to avoid: many tourists, is the very thing that made Annandale Waterfalls so special, on that day. 

Here’s why? You see where there are tourist, the vendors, the show men, even the monkeys, and all forms of entertainment are sure to follow. And Annandale Waterfalls on a cruise ship day has its own special cast of local characters to entertain you.

Annandale Falls Quick Video

First here is a video preview of Annadale Waterfalls. Check it out to get a sneak peak of what’s in store for you. 

Now let’s dive a little deeper into Annadale Falls and meet some of the cast that make this Grenada attraction a must visit.

Act #1 – Bananas in the Balance

The first to hook my attention were the colorfully dressed ladies with what looked like elaborate head pieces. grenada annandale falls women balancing fruit arrangement on head annandale waterfalls annadale

On closer inspection I realized they were actually balancing on their heads an array of tropical fruits.

Here is Ryian to the left posing for a picture with them.

One woman had an oversize basket of cocoa, decorated with purple bougainvillea (the national flower). The other an entire bunch of green bananas.

It is a portrayal of how ladies carried the bananas from the plantation in colonial times. And an exhibition of local Grenada fruits. It takes amazing skill just to stand and balance an entire bunch of bananas on your head. Can you imagine carrying it for long distances over winding, bumpy tracks?

Do get a picture with the lovely ladies, and don’t forger to give small tip … see the pouches/purses strapped around their waist? Well it’s not there for decoration

Act #2 – The Guitar Man

At Annandale Waterfalls the good times is accompanied by music. Next up was the Guitar Man …
grenada annandale falls guitar man annandale waterfalls annadale
This guy is full of energy, and extremely talented. He is great at composing and singing humorous lyrics off the cuff.  

In Grenada we call it Extempore Singing and there’s even local competitions from time to time … but thats another story.

This Annandale Falls Guitar man if he spots you will without request sing a verse or two about you, or your lady friend. He had everyone cracking up, and some of the ladies blushing.

Act #3 The Monkey and The Man

Look for this guy with his pet monkey. He does have the monkey on a leash but do keep your close eye on him (the monkey). Like all Mona Monkeys they are very tricky, and might snatch away your belongings from you.
annandale waterfalls annadale falls

Here is Ryian trying to get acquainted with this dynamic duo.

Act #4 – Annandale Dare Devil Divers

I saved the best Act for last, and The Annandale Waterfalls Divers is a class act.

annandale waterfalls grenada divers annandale falls annadaleAs we moved closer down the hill I noticed several local guys sporting red shorts and tops … it did not take me long to figure out who they were and why they were there.

Two decades before I saw someone leap off the top of Annandale Waterfalls. And from the looks of things, I was going to get lucky again. 

This is no easy feat. The falls is not extremely high, but its high enough to do you some serious damage if you don’t know what you are doing.

Also as one of the divers told us, what you can’t see can also kill you. The pool has boulders beneath the water that are not visible from above. Plunging in the wrong spot, can leave a diver hospitalized or dead, and this has happened in the past.

Here are some pics of the divers doing there thing …. Drum Roll Please annandale waterfalls annadale falls

Look he’s ready to fly. On your Mark, … Get Set … BANG!!!

annandale waterfalls annadale falls

Lift Off, he’s flying …

annandale waterfalls annadale falls

Still flying … look Ma No Hands!!!

annandale waterfalls annadale falls

Splash!!! … Just missed him. Was it a safe landing?

annandale waterfalls annadale falls

Yes, he made it. All is well. Another successful Annandale Dive.

Local Crafts and Souvenirs

After taking many photos we headed back towards the car. Along the way we passed vendors with handicrafts, and other items that will make great gifts.

grenada annandale waterfalls annadale falls souvernirs handicrafts

grenada annandale waterfalls annadale falls souvernirs handicrafts

Try a Cold Coconut

annandale waterfalls annadale falls grenada coconut If you are thirsty … check out the guys selling the cold coconuts, it’s very refreshing and all natural. And after you quench your thirst or curiosity, have them split the coconut shell in half with the machete. In there you will find the sweet white coconut jelly, my favorite part of the coconut … just give it a try.

We left Annandale Waterfalls on a high. This is definitely a fun place to visit, even without all the extras. Just the waterfalls by itself is gorgeous. If you want more privacy, or something more on the romantic side, then go on a late afternoon when there are no cruise ships. But I highly recommend visiting Annandale Waterfalls when all the acts are on display.

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  1. i am going to grenada next week thursday for two weeks and i would like a couple of ideas where the best waterfalls and night spots to dance.

    1. Anandale Falls, Mt. Carmel Falls, Concord Falls, Seven Falls… lots to choose from. As for dancing checkout club karma, fantasia, bananas, doggy dock. Everything is easy to find n Grenada.. just ask.

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