Grenada Tourist Attractions

There are enough tourist attractions in Grenada to keep you busy and wanting to come back for more. The Grenada Tourist Attractions below is a good place to start. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Grenada’s attractions offer more than a few strips of white sand and a patch of rain forestjust scroll on down!!.

Best Beaches

The Caribbean is synonymous with fabulous beaches. And Grenada won’t disappoint you here-beaches are high up on the list of Grenada Tourist Attractions.

Grenada’s beaches can make you act like a kid all vacation long.

  • Worry free, nonchalant
  • with Big grin you can’t wipe off your face

You also find yourself repeating the words This is the Life over and over. Be careful!! That little voice just might convince you never to return home.

Photos can never capture this feeling, but its the best we can do until you get here. Start with My Top 6 Grenada Beaches… I am sure they will very soon become your some of your all time favorite beaches.

Nature Lovers

Even the beach bum in all of us needs a beach break sometimes… right? So what’s a beach lover to do when her tan is golden and she’s had enough umbrella cocktails?… She heads inland to to find the Grenada Tourist Attractions that the Nature Lovers rave about

  • Volcanic Lakes – Grand Etang Lake and Lake Antoine are two undeveloped volcanic crater lakes waiting for you to explore… no bungalows, no boats, just you and nature. Good place to find that perfect spot to reflect on life and all the great new things you will achieve when you return home.
  • Waterfalls – Annandale Waterfalls and Concord Waterfalls are just two of the many waterfalls at your disposal. Don’t think Niagara Falls, nothing on that scale. I am talking about your perfectly sized waterfalls where you can get up close and personal-take a swim, and watch dare-devil divers do there thing
  • Best of all you don’t have to be Indiana Jones to find these nature lovers Grenada tourist attractions… just click here.


Some things are so beautiful they can stop us right in our tracks, and almost demand that we appreciate their existence. The beautiful flowers and plants that punctuate Grenada tend to do just that.

And the good thing is you don’t have to trek through the interior on a flower hunt to find and appreciate all the different varieties-just check out one of the local Gardens. Of all the tourist attractions in Grenada, the tropical flower gardens is one that I think many visitors miss.

One tropical Garden in particular that I like was featured on Britain’s Channel 4 TV Network in Gardens of the Caribbean it’s called Sunnyside Gardens and I highly recommend it.

You can also find out more about the flowers of Grenada, and see why Grenada won 5 consecutive Gold Medal at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show. Yes these folks all have green thumbs(unlike me)… So if you enjoy beautiful gardens like my mom and sister do, then you are in for a treat at this Grenada tourist attraction.

Grenada Sailing

If it fits into your budget sailing might just be your perfect tourist attraction in Grenada. There are lots of opportunities for sailing on Grenada.

  • You can charter a yacht and experience the island’s beauty from the sea by sailing around Grenada.
  • You can plan a bigger outing and head up to the Grenadines onto St. Vincent. On the way you will stop just long enough to get a taste of the magnificent Grenadines – fabulous beaches, excellent snorkeling … heaven on earth.
  • Click here for more on why Grenada Sailing makes for a super Grenada tourist attraction

Grenada Sailing Festivals and regattas take place throughout the year. Local yachts, and others from nearby Trinidad, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines compete. Think of this Grenada Tourist Attraction as really a big party-food, rum, sweet steel pan music, DJ’s, and people out to have fun-you gonna love this-if not for the sailing itself, then certainly for all the partying.

Carnival Festival

There are festivals sprinkled throughout the year, but the crown jewel is of course in August. Yes, as one local calypso puts it August is the time… the time for Carnival.

You can always tell when carnival is in the air. The energy and enthusiasm is high, the bars are bustling, the radios are blasting Soca and calypso music 24/7, and there are too many parties for you to attend.

Grenada Carnival is several weeks of endless partying and good times culminating on the 2nd Monday and Tuesday in August … think New Orleans Mardi Gras, or Brazil Carnival

The first year I missed carnival (I was abroad) I was depressed all summer… so be warned… all this carnival fun can be addictive. But it’s a good addiction, and we will love nothing more than to have you for carnival every August.

Grenada History

Grenada has a rich history. From it’s Amerindian days, the battles between the British and the French, to the more recent Coup d’etat, Grenada revolution and the US invasion of Grenada. The people, the language, the songs the sites all hold part of the story that is Grenada’s History.

Several Historical Sites awaiting you, and here are two to get the ball roiling:

  • Fort George – This is a must visit Grenada tourist Attraction. Established in 1705, the fort overlooks the town and harbor offering magnificent views, and a reminder of the colonial times. But that’s not why you will want to visit. When I think of Fort George I am reminded of the darkest period in Grenada’s history . A period that to this day will evoke much emotion from many Grenadians.
  • Fort Frederick – More history of the early power struggle between the French and the British. It’s also one of the best places to see the magnificent views of capital city of St. George and the south of the island.

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