Grenada Restuarants A Few Heads Up

by Anonymous

First a lot of changes have taken place on the restaurant scene in Grenada.

De Big Fish Restaurant is no longer running at full speed or any speed – my advice –stay away till someone takes it over!

Delicous Cafe in True Blue is a great new Italian eatery opened from 7am- 6pm – the owners use to be part of DiVinos Wine Bar.

While your’re still in the neighborhood near the St. George’s University (SGU) campus there is a Great Indian Cafe– a must for all that love Indian food.

Sol City Sports Bar is a fairly new place in St Georges which has Large TV screens , air -con and great food and drinks.

Prickly Bay Marina and Davides Pizzeria still make the one and only best Pizza in this neck of woods by far – skip Boulangerie all together their food is geared to the SGU quick bites and lacks the passion of Italian cooking altogether!!

Carib Sushi has great sushi and well is the only real sushi bar here – downfall is their prices are great too $$$$ especially since we all know you can eat all you can eat sushi in USA for USD$20

I still like Wall Street for my street meat of either chicken, pork or fish- cheap and quick and nice!! Especially with a cold Carib!

Also a local favorite with me too is La Chateau in the Marquis Mall – great food and great Garlic buttered Lobster– with a nice frozen Pina Colada! Wow.


  1. Wow! I am going to disagree with Kris and the comments about La Boulangerie’s pizza. We went today and had the best pizza for ages. It was just like an Italian pizza – thin, crispy base, freshly made with a wonderful tomato sauce and great toppings. (The Pepperoni is soooo good!) It really is very unlike almost all American pizzas we have eaten and reminded me of the Green Grey Trattoria in Milan’s pizza. (In Trezzano Sul Naviglio). Kris must have caught a very unusual bad day.

  2. This is an awesome contribution. Few businesses are more trendy than the Restaurant business. One day they’re here, the next day gone. One day hot the next day not.

    Thanks for the heads up, lots of great advice and Grenadian Restaurants in this post. I hope to check out some of the new ones soon.

  3. Thanks for the great restaurant tips. I’m adding some new ones to my ever-growing list to try on our next visit. LOL.

    I agree with skipping La Boulangerie’s pizza. It was disappointing. Next time we are going to try the pizza at the Prickly Bay Marina as suggested. It’s highly recommended by other people too. Thanks!

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